New year, new habits?

After spending the last 14 months trying to get some writing done (really, anything completed outside of housework, yard work and kids is an accomplishment), it’s apparent that it must be done outside of the house. Since the backyard is a bit too wet in January and the fort is too painful, the local library is just the place.

Not a huge revelation, after all it is open to public with free wi-fi–and peaceful. It’s the act of focusing on just one thing in a never-ending world of can-u’s & did-ja’s.  After blogging on a non-functioning blogging site (yes, user error abounds), it’s taken an entire year just to design this new site! Okay, designing really only an hour, everything else was attempting to take time for me. Then, choosing what to do with said time!

Of course, the learning curve of WordPress is daunting; hopefully Youtube will speed up the process.  On the other hand, taking time for myself, whether it’s writing, crafts, or even reading is few and far between. Being much more fortunate than my many other stay at home friends; time management (butterfly chasing) haunts me–to the amusement of said friends! [Also fortunate is my glass half full sense of humor that willingly accommodates 🙂 ].

I’m hesitant to call this writing time a resolution.  The very term is a set up for failure. Indeed, January has already rolled in with a new part-time job at school Just when our family is seriously considering home schooling! Ugh. Speaking of setting yourself up for failure, right? The one thing I’ve taken away from the whole mom experience is that time invested makes for great kids. And really tired, cranky moms.

Maybe that’s why grandchildren are so cool. I’m not ready for grandkids… I’m just now ready for Christmas 2014! But I am ready to make some changes that will keep me sane and aromatically acceptable in public. (Yes, Febreeze has been my perfume choice for years). It may come to pass that mommy’s library time is just another occasion and not a habit. It’s one day at a time for us. However, after today I may be able to receive comments when I do blog…good, bad or indifferent. That is an accomplishment I can be proud of! Well….let’s wait and see, first. Happy New Year, everyone! ~Y


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