3 Things for Tuesday

Every morning, there is a list on my night stand waiting for me to tackle. Moms give me a holla🙋.  Personally, think lists are awesomely satisfying in an “I don’t want to brag, but I do” kinda way).  

In the last 18 months, our family has been coping with serious medical issues–thankful to be on the upside now😳 Normally an optimistic bundle of energy; this momma needs rest.  So, the plan for today was yoga, lunch, then phone calls. Purposefully not over scheduling the day. Apparently, stress = shingles, and I dislike shingles.

Playing the role of “commander” is a delicate balance.  Without lists, chaos ensues.   An innocent shirt tossed on the couch morphs into a mass, requiring def con maneuvers.  (All short-term successes. Must be government-funded)😏

Only 3 things to do today…and one involves food. Yay! Life could be worse. (Except for the phone calls: hate talking on the phone. Seriously would rather be vacuuming spiders in the basement.🙈🙉🙊

Speaking of the basement, it’s yoga time! My yoga instructor is in the basement, on the Wii. (Don’t judge me!)

Here comes the “but first”:  In the last month, there’s been a sleepover birthday party & 2 play dates in our daylight basement. It’s not a dark, confined space, yet consistently appears to have been invaded by “friendlies”.

Gagging at the thought of trying to relax on a tiny toy mine field, Plan “Quick Vac & Big Toys Only” commenced.😯  We have a Kirby (great vac but painful to lug up and down stairs AND change attachments). We have it because my husband loves it…errr…in a manly tool guy kind way. 👷

Anyway, today the hose attachment is connected. This is not completely unexpected, since I was the one who connected it… Upstairs. Woot! More steps on the pedometer👏

The connected hose on vac = fork in road. Seriously, this changes everything. After reviewing various options, the Commander (me) decided “a quick spider evacuation would only minimally delay the plan and ease the troops’ minds” (troops = me)😆

After finishing off the latest group of 8 legged trespassers (and dusting picture frames. Not in the plan, but I have the attachment on already…), the thought occurred to me how much power that darn vacuum has over my life. 🔌

Seriously, my whole morning just rearranged itself because I don’t want to change the attachment. Yet, I’ll have to anyway, ’cause I’m still not doing yoga on this cruddy floor.🙅 (foot stomp not included).

There you go. It’s the battle of the butterfly chaser and commander. Current Intel for Tuesday (almost every Tuesday, really): I’m running a bit behind again, won’t have time to do my hair.

Hey, at least the spiders are gone🐝

Have a blessed day. Today I pray thanks that we only have spiders to worry about and the electricity to invade and eradicate them. Amen ~Yvette🎢


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