3 Things for Tuesday

After seeing I totally misspelled Kirby, took the time to revamp😒

Housewife Hair (operating on user error)

Every morning, there is a list on my night stand waiting for me to tackle. Moms give me a holla🙋.  Personally, think lists are awesomely satisfying in an “I don’t want to brag, but I do” kinda way).  

In the last 18 months, our family has been coping with serious medical issues–thankful to be on the upside now😳 Normally an optimistic bundle of energy; this momma needs rest.  So, the plan for today was yoga, lunch, then phone calls. Purposefully not over scheduling the day. Apparently, stress = shingles, and I dislike shingles.

Playing the role of “commander” is a delicate balance.  Without lists, chaos ensues.   An innocent shirt tossed on the couch morphs into a mass, requiring def con maneuvers.  (All short-term successes. Must be government-funded)😏

Only 3 things to do today…and one involves food. Yay! Life could be worse. (Except for the phone calls:…

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