A Wii yoga epiphany…

Thought I would share my Wii yoga epiphany with you…

I am responsible for my life, not in control. I’m responsible for my choices, actions & words. As a wife & parent, I’m responsible for the choices,  words and my every action / reaction. They are not only indicators of who I am; the very act of being responsible is teaching responsibility. Acting speak louder than words, am I right?

As a caretaker, it’s been my responsibility to shoulder the family homestead. I won’t call it a burden, although there were days I prefer to forget.  Ironically, the responsibility in itself suited my organizational nature.

In that time, it became difficult to be responsible for me.  Foregoing exercise for tasks, church for an extra hour of sleep (which turns into 2 hours and a wasted day).  Everyone warned me, and the lack of responsibility in my mental and physical health took its toll.

The responsibility of my actions in over compensating needs of others has been a valuable life lesson as well.   Sure,  it’s my responsibility to teach self-sufficiency.  Serving people is not the same as waiting on them.  (Waiters get tips, mom’s get “can you cut the crust off?).  Learning to set limits and say no has given me time for myself in little moments.

I may not have control, that’s God’s job.  But I can be responsible for myself, my family, my actions and my words.


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