Irony of responsibility

Okay, it’s time to fess up.  So, after receiving the gift of clarity on responsibility yesterday, I did what writers hope to do…. Write it down before it’s lost in the fog.

In doing so, time for away from me (again), and there was only 15 minutes to shower and get ready for work!  Taking my new found appreciation for responsibility into consideration, the mad dash through the morning routine was successful. 😰

The only hitch? Finding matching boots to compensate for the stormy day.  Closet hunting in the dark is not for sissies!

You may have already guessed… It took me an hour and 15 minutes to notice.  Yep, 2 similar yet completely different boots, protecting my tucked in skinny jeans from the rain. 😱

Not only was I responsible for getting ready in time, I fulfilled my duties as the class clown once again😝


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