Garage sale

Phew!  That was an exhausting weekend.  I have to apologize for the delay, the heat was icing on the proverbial cake for these tired old bones. 

It was an interesting weekend to say the least, not good or bad.  Don’t remember having so many return customers in garage sales past; we meet some pretty wonderful folks🙋

On Saturday,  the heat started getting pretty intense.  (Don’t think we broke 100°, but it sure felt like it).  One woman must have been dragging, because Mitch walked over, giving her a water from the cooler.  (He was doing that all day, helping folks stay hydrated).   It touched her so much, she returned Sunday– with her daughter, son in law and brand spanking new grandson!  She was so taken with his generosity, our family and home that she wanted to share with her family. 

There’s no price on that, folks. We would not have experienced that without your help, and that was only one story.  Words can not convey the gratefulness we have for all your prayers, food, good will and donations.  It’s another confirmation that we are so very blessed. 

Well, it appears that I’ve gone on and on about updating you—without actually updating!  The point is, we did well enough and it was good to purge.  The focus now is sorting the remainder into donations, consignment & Craig’s list,  so tally isn’t completed just yet.

We have some fantastic women’s clothes that would be a perfect fit for the group who assists in prepping abused/homeless ladies (with clothing and more), in entering or reentering the work place.  Naturally, the name escapes me. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

We’ve got more to share, but the hour is late and mama is working tomorrow😪 I’ll check back soon with “the rest of the story”, as they say.  Good night, and have a great tomorrow😋 ~yvette


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