Fathers & Daughters

Breathing new life into dancing father / daughter  candle holders!


The Father / daughter theme struck a chord with me this year especially. There’s nothing like the relationship between the pair… It’s a special bond;  unique and fragile.  Then again, so strong, that a girl will chase his love to the end of her rainbow and back again.

Anyway… this pair needs a new look.  On this project, the candle holder and base will remain black.

Painters tape works great for covering / protecting surfaces from spray or hand painting.  It’s also an easy removal afterward.


Keeping the original black is as much a safety feature as it is an aesthetic.  Burning candles in wrought iron is safe.  However, unless you’re using a fire safe paint (no great color selection there), decorative paints are flammable.

[Assuming  others’ use the pair as candle holders.  Our pretty stuff seems to be in wait for an emergency].


First pass with the spray can, difficult to see.  Working in direct sunlight is not always optimal, especially with metals.


Coat 2, temp not bad at all.  Looking pretty 🙂



The purple is a bit more difficult to see, it’s a nice grape color (more manly)!  After the 3rd coat, I’ll do an even spray of polyurethane to protect the paint.


So cute!  Decided to touch up the black on the base and hat rim with matching flat black.


The flat didn’t work for me :(~  So to finish the project, I chose a gloss polyurethane spray on everything but the top of the hat. (Going for a satin trim look).


Not sure the look was achieved, but they turned out pretty stinkin’ cute, don’t you think?



And they are done!  Bound for Craig’s list, just in time for Father’s day!  Fathers, hug your daughters…..
Have a great weekend, everyone!


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