Leaving for Ireland

After almost a year of planning, we’re finally on the plane heading to Ireland.  Technically, the plane hasn’t even started taxi-ing down the runway.  Yet, now that we’re  sitting, back pack between my feet (airplane mode is on, all systems are go), it’s finally sinking in- I’m going to Ireland!! I feel Snoopy’s happy dance in my chest and I keep it inside so I don’t annoy the passengers around me.  Squealing like a girl isn’t as cute at 51, apparently. 

I’ve been calling it the trip of a lifetime, just mom, me and our family friend Judy.  Judy is really the catalyst that made this trip happen.  Last year, during a casual conversation around the table, we talked about how cool it would be to go to Ireland.  None of us had been.

Judy has traveled to Europe several times, visiting family and touring about.  Since her wonderful husband Bill passed away, Judy has filled the void in her life by volunteering at the airport and traveling.  I didn’t even know there were volunteers at the airport!

Like most people, we talk about places we’d like to go, but never really plan anything. There’s always too many other things; time and money to name a few.  Being a stay at home mom and part time tutor doesn’t really contribute to a travelers lifestyle.

Well, for the next two weeks, this mom is on vacation!  I’m letting go of all control and praying that my family will be safe and survive without me.  I’ve been looking forward to just following the herd, going where the wind blows and making as few decisions as possible. 

I’ll have to trust that everyone is sun screened, safe in the water and eating something nutritious at least once while we’re away.  It’s a sure bet that upon return there will be mountains of catch up cleaning and hopefully my heirloom tomatoes will be ready for canning (my 1st try at tomato sauce this year). 

At this moment; however, all that stress and worry are in the luggage compartment. Well, most of it, anyway. 

I’m going to Ireland!!!


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