Jinxed myself?

So…. Apparently saying “we’re finally on our way to Ireland” was just enough to put a monkey wrench in the plan😵

Okay, so it’s not like the plane went down or anything, but the ensuing series of events quickly became comical.   Luckily we managed to keep our sense of humor–most of the time, anyway😼

It started with one heck of a storm in Chicago.  Rough enough to close O’Hare! Flying has never been a deal for me, yet when the pilot announces “We have reached maximum fuel allotment”, it gets a little unnerving.  Given my history of running out of gas while driving, it’s not like we can push the plane out of the McDonald’s drive thru this time around!😨

Several  “20 minutes or so” pilot announcements later, we arrive in Chicago, naturally missing our connection to Ireland.  It would have been easy to be angry, especially after another 3 hour wait with everyone in the airport trying to rebook flights and frantically find hotels.  It was the perfect time to practice Let Go and Let God.  🙏

Easier said than done when:
      A.  We hadn’t eaten since breakfast and restaurants in O’Hare close at 9:30 on Saturday night.  Fortunately, we scored some yummy cold sandwiches at Wolfgang Pucks just before heading to the hotel shuttle area👍
     B. The uber grumpy Super 8 shuttle driver finally showed up 45 minutes later. Did I mention the 75% humidity?
     C. Super 8 isn’t as super as it used to be, unless you’re a smoker.💨 However, to accommodate guests, the staff kindly provided air fresheners in the form of aerosol cans.
     D.  United refused vouchers for anything. 
     E.  Our luggage was held hostage. No fresh undies until Shannon!

Hey, at least we didn’t have to worry about entertaining / feeding little ones.  There was just enough battery on my phone for you tube cartoons, which helped the little guy behind us.  It was the right thing to do, after we assumed he was a girl! 💇 Awkward!  And…for an outrageous $$$ we got a “super” shower.  Not everyone was as fortunate. 

Well, there’s more to this story, but I’m pooped.  The good news is that we’ve been giggling so much everyone around us had been entertained.  Guess this is what I get for planning not to make any decisions on this trip.  Still Going with the flow…..💫


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