Crushes: the parenting nightmare


Saw this on Facebook today, and the concept really hit home. Not because of the religious aspect, really. It just makes sense, right?

I mean, there are so many hormone driven, dramadies already coarsing through our kids brains, there is no way that my daughter is going to listen to my point of view on boys.

It’s almost guaranteed that any suggestions in what to look for when you’re dating will be immediately short filed, face dripping with sarcasm. I’ll bet my poster of Steven Tyler on that!

This idea really puts dating into perspective.  It’s the common sense we hope will over ride the “but he’s so cute” argument.

Most parents pray our children will make good choices when dating. That doesn’t necessarily mean looking for marriage material. It does mean:
1. Will he respect me and treat me well?
2. Do I have to perform in any way to earn respect?
3. Can I count on this person?

These are questions we hope our children will ask, questions that will potentially save a whole lot of heart ache. It’s gonna happen anyway; heart ache, disappointment and rejection are part of life. We humans tend to learn from our mistakes!

As a parent, it’s my responsibility to teach the skills necessary to make good decisions in spite of the drama and mean girl garbage. Even if I have to utilize Facebook to get it done.

Have a great week, everyone! ~Y


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