New dishwasher, new painting rack

It was not a bit sad to say goodbye when our 1989 Dishwasher passed this week.  The death was overshadowed by the arrival of a new dishwasher, whose racks stay on the tracks and dishes come out clean, barely rinsing in between. 😍

To commemorate 28 years of hard work, I’ve repurposed the racks in a very cool way…


Welcome, new painting racks!  The silverware tray will make a fine paint brush holder, that hangs on the wall!  After a fresh coat of paint, I’ll add a small scrap of material to wad up at the bottom so brushes don’t fall through.

The main rack is going to be painted every time a new project comes along 😎.  The super nifty thing about the big rack is the center cone.  Placed upside down, I could Jimmy rig a stand for it to rest into on.  Like I’ve got that kind of time? Instead, try this:

Place a large piece of cardboard on the grass, then turn the rack upside down. With just a little pressure, puncture through the cardboard with the top of the cone.  It should pop right through into the grass below.  With very little effort, the upside down rack will spin! Here’s a close-up:


My new favorite toy, glad I could share it with you.  May your day be filled with answered prayers ~Yvette


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