Need to reconcile my discomfort and finish this season of “Orange”!

​Binging new season of “Orange”. Am so flipping uncomfortable right now😨😵😱😠!! 

To shake it off, I’m taking a break from my closet rehab project, playing (just 1 game) of candy crush and listening to old time gospel music.

Not to disappoint folks, but I’m not the hip Pacific Northwesterner that listens to off the grid obscure music while brewing homemade (fill in the blank).

 Truthfully, this gospel moment happens to be the 1st channel our 1990’s  3 CD/ radio / stereo scanned upon. (I  won that stereo  for being calling #9 on KGON)! 

I took the Pat Boon-esque 4/4 time with three point harmony as a sign and let’s face it; “checking in” wouldn’t be a bad thing right now–maybe put in a good word for prisoners over the world that are suffering injustices sometimes on horrific levels.

Then it’s back to the closet… And “Orange”.  I may need to shower first, tho.  

Enjoy the summer night! ~Yvette


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