Avocado and Roasted Garlic Aioli 

Latest invention from a non foodie!  Too many vitamins lead to unhappy mommy stomach.  For a month, the only thing that set well was bread and more bread. And chocolate. Weird but true.  

Avocados have been a life saver, but even that gets old after a bit.  Then on a refrigerator cleaning spree, an unopened jar of Roasted Garlic Aioli appeared.  As yummy as that is, it still needed to be cut back it were used as a condiment for say, salad dressing. Or dip.  And voilà! My newest creation😋

1/2 avocado

Just a bit of Sour cream or cream cheese, for smoothness. About a tsp?

About a half a tsp garlic Aioli

Chopped onion, prefer green but am out 😦

Chopped parsley and/ or cilantro. I’m a weenie, so parsley it is.

Splash Lemon or lime juice

Salt & pepper to taste

Smash it all together and do with Food Should Taste Good multi grain chips, veggies or spread onto a wrap instead of mayo.  

Hope you enjoy, too!


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