This just in… Termites do not like essential clove oil!!

​Interesting experiment: Today, termites and boxelder bugs flew in like swallows to Capistrano 😛  Instead of waiting for a pest service, I decided to do some essential oil research.  Turns out, they don’t like clove oil. Huh.

Putting my Let’s Find Out hat on, I grabbed a brand new Dollar Store spray bottle. Yes, I did have it on hand for just such an emergency! 

Understanding water and oil are not the best combination to work with, I hoped using warm tap water and about 5 drops of essential clove oil, the solution would blend easier. It turned neon green–always a good start when experimenting. 🙌

The mixture covered the sunshine-y side of our garage and part of the house exterior.  Got to douse a bunch of ’em in the process, too 😈
Because essential oils will eat through plastic, I emptied the bottle, rinsed and marked “Clove” on the bottle top.  

 Tonight…. not a termite to be found!!  Yay💚 will check the boxelder bug status tomorrow. 

It will be interesting to see how the oil will stand up to the rain. 

That’s all I got for now.  Hope someone out there will find this helpful.  Enjoy the last week of September, everyone!  


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