Got Shelves?


Finally have some finished products to sell!  These hand painted boxes and shelves are fantastic for essential oils–and so much more!  The inspiration behind all this was my need for a specific type of wall unit to store my oils. Unable to find the right fit until perusing through Craft Warehouse (I 💟 Craft Warehouse)!

Muse in tow, we stumbled upon unfinished wood trays.  The cubbies were a perfect fit for oil bottles; however, the tray was too big for my countertops.

But perfect for a wall! To ensure bottles would not fall to a certain, costly and nauseating aromatic death, Muse  hinted and we worked out a way to keep the pretty glass bottles safely tucked away.  And we got to use power tools!  

The result was a hit and I’ve made several more just for the fun of it.  The cubbies hold 5 and 15 ml bottles, but roller bottles a to tall.  Boo! 

That’s where the boxes come in. The large boxes (2 zebra print and teal 4 section box) are tall enough to stand roller bottles. Yay;)
Both boxes and trays are perfect for nail polish, cosmetics, even medicine bottles.  Perfect for hiding Lego body parts and still keeping them “together”:o
Just for fun, I painted one tray sparkling purple for my daughter, adding leather “handles” at each end.  She uses it for her doll accessories! It’s a win win: less clutter and it easily slides under her bed 😀
See something you must have, but in a different color? Email me, I LOVE playing with new colors.

These pieces are for sale now, 1st come, first served. Custom Orders can take as long as 3 weeks, please act quickly for Santa to finish before the 25th!

Wall units: $26.    (Please let me know if you would like the pre-drilled for hanging)

Trays: $28
4 Section box: $19

Boxes: Small: $14.  Large: $16

All pieces are hand crafted and imperfect. No returns unless broken in shipping.  I use polyurethane to protect the paint and wood from water damage. This will not prevent damage due to a spill over a prolonged period of time.

Thanks everyone, feel free to leave comments below and have a great day!!


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