Updated Stove Vent

​ A while back, my folks added a pretty sunroom to their home, complete with the fireplace vent.  The unsightly feature has been a personal point of contention for Mom.

Waiting until they snuck away for vacation, I snuck over–with supplies!

Armed with an old, yellowing lace tablecloth (that I knew would be good for something later, ha!), blue tacky sticky stuff, and Boardwalk Empire (thank you, Amazon Prime)–it was just me and the vent. [cue music here].

Cutting the lace in strips, leaving only a small amount of wiggle room.  For this project, excess material = obstacles. 

Wrapping the lace strip around  the vent pipe–tightly, with care not to distort the pattern. Side note: this “lace” is actually polyester from the 70’s. Much less temperamental to work with and pretty cheap to find at Goodwill and such.

Tacky sticky stuff, as it’s referred to in my house, is the best option for securing the material. It’s easy to hide a seam on the back side and removable, so it won’t burn when the fireplace is in use. 
Instead of using one long piece, it was easier to cut the steps into segments, from one bend to the other.  The smaller pieces blend together nicely in the metal-taped accordion bends.

Side note: I covered the plates with lace, too.  In retrospect, solid black would’ve been a better choice. That’s on you, Dad!

Finally, using a black High Temperature Stove paint (pretty and safe), I hold the can away, about 8-10″ to diffuse the black spray.  Three or four “sweeps” completely covered the lace lightly, without saturating.   


The dry time was fairly quick, the lace was ready to be pulled off by the time all the plastic coverings were down.   

Phew… and…It worked!! Can’t wait for my folks to see! 😍


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