Pre-Election Blues 

​Over the last few years I’ve made every effort to disassociate from media and news feeds. 🙈🙉🙊

We’re a Netflix, audio books and music household. The only thing we truly miss are sports, especially the Olympics😭 of course, we miss Jimmy Fallon, SNL and annual holiday cartoons. (The good ones are on CDs around here somewhere.)
It’s a price we choose to pay–or pay less🙌 –to be in complete charge of “the shouting”.  Call this 80′ s metal-headed, buttrockin, Stephen King fan a prude; but it was disturbing to watch (while frantically searching for the remote) a Victoria Secret runway commercial air on an unnamed kid channel. Seriously.  Wings and heels, while mom’s doing lunch cleanup.  Even awesome- Less? Hearing “Whize it not pro-prete?  She’s pretty, Mommy! I bet she’s nice. Can I have angel suit, too?”  For three days. Nice work,  Evil Marketing Genius. 👿 You won that battle.
I digress.😏
Managing to remove myself so far from the election & campaigns (which, ironically came up “vampiric” in auto correct👏), I’m proud to say I have no clue who the VP’s are on either side🙋


Not like it matters.  Keep warming the bench, second stringers👊
Here’s the thing; somehow, the carnival sideshow of politics has morphed into a full blown freak show house of mirrors.🎩🐍👄
We are a poorly written reality show and the world is laughing.  😕
We’re a meme.
That said, I’m out.  I’ll cast my ballot for local / regional constituents and measures.✍√
As for president…nope.  Born and raised with a right to my opinion and right to choose the PERSON that will speak for me when I can not.
When that Person, a candidate worthy of my vote shows up, I’m in!  The main attraction has to be worth the price of admission or it’s Netflix.
That’s my choice. Our candidates must have courage, wisdom, humility, patience, and self-LESS-ness.
Seriously.  I turn my back for a short time….
So, you’ll never know who my vote goes to, which is important. It’s that way for a reason.  My vote may be tossed. Which is unconstitutional, btw.
However, I would rather sacrifice my vote than play any part of this nonsense.
To that end, please know that:
In No Way am I interested in a conversation, conversion, or education.  Please don’t comment.
As a matter of fact: Don’t Comment at all. On anything.  Don’t say a word. Don’t give these jack holes the pleasure of reading our algorithms. Talk about private!!😱
There will be no hero rushing in to save the day tomorrow, no expectation of celebration.💩
Our (?) candidates are not people to be trusted. With anything or anyone.  Booo
The only thing left to look forward to now is the presidential pre dedication concert featuring the hottest pop starlet (wardrobe malfunction inferred), for the new President to seduce publicly/privately.  Both candidates apply, apparently.
So there’s that. I’ll take my halloween doom and gloom hat off now. Go do watcha gotta do, don’t hurt anyone in the process. ~Yvette


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