Jane Fonda, You Blew It Again.

​So sad, frustrated, angry and now scared for my hometown (Bismarck /Mandan ND).  Please read and share:


with everyone you know. The videos you are seeing on line are NOT showing you the truth!!

As soon as the celebrities go home, the “protesters” terrorize private land owners by trespassing with masks.  Yes, masks!! How peaceful is that?

Thanksgiving morning, our family and friends’ phones all went off to WARN against the protesters.  Another major interstate was blocked in the name of injustice.

The true injustice is that everything being reported is FALSE.  If groups like Black Lives Matter did any homework, they would find themselves in an embarrassing situation. Race is not a factor. If it was, it wouldn’t have anything to do with African Americans!

But it’s not about race. Or money. Or rights. Or sacred burial grounds (there are none in the area in question). Here are some facts:

  • Groups throughout the US that have nothing to do with anything related to Standing Rock are flying in by the plane loads, buying out camping equipment from Target, Walmart, et all.
  • The tribal council at Standing Rock voted 9 out of 10 to ask the protesters to leave. The protestors refused.
  • The”protesters” are terrorizing locals by wearing masks, shooting guns, starting fires, and blocking freeways/interstates.
  • The national guard has set up a check points for locals to verify anyone passing through are safe.
  • When celebs show up, everyone plays nice. All the videos online are partial videos, all the real stuff is on the cutting room floor.

Shame on you, Jane Fonda. And Bette Miller!? I’m heartbroken that you fell for this garbage and are promoting dangerous situations without any research at all.  I was your biggest fan.  😞

When someone dies senselessly, it will be on you.  My prayers are that it won’t come to that; however, thanks to your support, every angry person with an ax to grind is descending on my American hometown.  With guns. Thanks for being less than awesome.


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