My Christmas Lie

I would like to begin by justiclarifying: it was for the children.  


Here’s what happened:

Like most of the country, the Pacific Northwest suffered a fair amount of bad weather.  Enough to truly justify late starts and school closures.  In our neck of the woods, folks don’t just run to the store on a whim. Unless there’s no beer.

Whether or not school would be open for the class party were questionable.  Either way; it quickly became the day before the Christmas break.  My hubby drove, cabin fever spiking an all time high.

I had an easy list: plain cards, stick-on gems and different colored paint samples for 50 students. (Pinterest:

Dollar Fillintheblank, here we come!

Said everyone. 😶

No plain envelopes. Only red and green sticky gems left, but that works!

After finding the perfect sticker packet with 24 snowman gems, the game was afoot.  One more packet and this task is checked off.  After 20 minutes of searching, I finally ask the checkout clerk while ringing up.

After a perfunctory glance at the product and myself, the answer?  “Sorry.”

Naturally.scrollsIt’s okay, the next one-stop shop will have cards and paint samples! With Hubby’s uncanny skill of getting a parking spot up front,  we ran in with a list and a mission.

Like everyone else.  😑

Utilizing my ninja skills, we navigate through the crowd to hardware.  Within 10 minutes, a fat stack of sample cards rested in my hands.


Mental Math: If you have 50 students each making 1 card with 4 -5 trees; how many paint samples will you need to make the trees?  Depends on how many samples fit in your purse!

My sweetie wandered away, leaving the mostly empty cart.  Soon, my bladder began crying for mercy, so  I place the samples in our cart and park it to the side.  I ninja’d my way to the bathroom.

On my way back to hardware, I venture through stationary for the plain cards.  No. Plain. Cards. Seriously??

No plain cards = making cards at home.


After cutting trees out of paint samples.  

I feel the clock ticking and I begin searching for Hubby on my way back to the cart.  Only to find two employees putting the paint samples back!!

“Nooo!!!”, I cry from at least 20′ away.  Out of the cornier of my eye, I see Hubby casually walking away, his face white in mortification.


Holding the nearly 3/4” high stack of samples, the senior employee replies, “Ma’am, we usually don’t allow this amount of samples per customer. Why would you need them all?”


And here it comes.

My Christmas spirit bows under the pressure and I frantically reply, “Because you need one for each wall, of course! Colors change depending on the amount of light and I have a whole house to do!!”

It was a Hail Mary, we-are-on-a-roll-and-you-are-in-my-way move.

Holding my breath while his mental wheels turned in disbelief; I smile graciously while he decides if this is the battle to win today.  Phew!


Everything. Is. Done.

My awesomesauce Hubby folded cards until 11:30, bless him!

I crawl into bed close to 1 a.m.

Aaaand, school is cancelled.

Merry Christmas, everyone! Be gracious, grateful, and giving.  That’s the real spirit of Christmas.



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