About Me

In a recent and very unnerving moment, it became clear that my purpose in life is to be an artist.  (Specifically a writer, but I’m pretty good with a can of paint, too).

It’s NOT what I wanted to hear, struggling artists and all.  However, it does explain my need for saving pretty, shiny things to be used later! Sure, it’s a bit hoarder-y. Lucky my massive desire to organize chaos helps maintain a reasonable balance. ^Snort*

Yet writing has always been my thing, my go-to.  Not that I get all the rules.  So now I am committed to learning the rules and immersing myself in the Kidlit culture.  Which is why you’ll find many posts on or about authors & illustrators for kids here.

I wanted to include some fun stuff for kids to watch, play, read or download, too.  It’s rough finding appropriate stuff that entertain without being gross, right?

If that’s not your thing, please check out my creations and household projects.  All are completed on a budget, some completed on time and most work out without too much damage along the way, 

Thanks for stopping by, feel free to leave a happy thought or recommendation in the comments section, if you so desire. Fair warning: projects can prolong a reply.

It’s not personal, it’s aerosol.

Have a Fantastic Day! ~Yvette


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