Last vestiges of last night’s power outage


After a long, stormy day of errands, we arrived last night to a house without electricity.  It’s a rare occasion in spite of our back woods living.  Man was it dark!

To alleviate the creepiness, we sang silly Christmas carols while blundering through the house. Armed only with a dying cell phone and Christmas spirit, we gathered supplies (keeping in tight formation). 

A toasty fire, ice cream and blankets and one Bad Kitty graphic novel later, it’s was all giggles and fun. 

We played a not soooo long game of Life–thanks to the not always so fun uber-competitors under this roof. Seriously.

If the drive to succeed is the only issue in my life, then we are truly blessed.  Good, bad, fun or not; we have a solid roof over our heads and food + ice cream in the fridge.  Globally speaking, that’s pretty darned cool.

So now the house is a mess, there’s dishes to do. No complaint here, just a quiet Thank You. Merry Christmas, everyone. Please stay safe, it’s ugly out there.


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